There are many places in Second Life from which legends and tales are sprung. As I recently noted, there is the famous Prim Rig of ANWR, itself linked to the deeper legends of Magellan Linden, Heterocera, Nova Albion, et al. Then there is the mysterious fairground at Pyri Peaks from whence Moles were said to have vanished (see here) and the equally mysterious Cape Ekim, involving Professor Linden (see here), to name but two more.

Another such place of mystery is the Temple of the Prim, located in Corsica. This strange site, ancient and perhaps hallowed, lies atop the south-east corner of the continent’s great rocky plateau, at a point where the naked rock thrusts outwards in a shoulder-like ridge. But to reach it requires no small amount of dedication, as to visit it properly requires something of a pilgrimage….

Source: A pilgrimage of the prim in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

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