The Avilion MerBallet Company is excited to perform for The 8th Annual Poseidon’s Ball on Saturday December 3rd on Avilion Nexus from 3pm t0 5.30pm.

And, in honor of  Poseidon’s Ball, Avilion’s Providence Gallery and the Avilion Merrow are hosting a special photo contest.This contest is an UNDERWATER photography contest.  You can submit one photo which depicts you or another person as a mer or wearing a diving suit or diving helmet in an underwater stetting.  There is an entire mer area in Avilion for you to explore and use for your photos.

ALL ENTRIES ARE DUE by Thursday, December 1st.


Each artist must submit ONE full perm photo in SL to Veruca Tammas or

Upload a photo to the Flickr group created specifically for this event

Poseidon's Ball Photography Contest

You may submit only ONE entry..  If you submit more than one entry you will be contacted and you will have to choose which one is to be deleted from the contest.

No nudity

Entries MAY be altered via Photoshop, Gimp, or using any other graphics software

All photos MUST be your original work


1st Place – Trophy from Steel Soul and a L$1,000 gift card from Zuri Jewelery

2nd Place – Trophy and gift worth L$500 from Steel Souls and a L$200 gift from Mermaid Treasure Boutique3rd Place –  Trophy from Steel Souls and a L$500 gift card from Poet’s Heart

WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED AT THE 8th ANNUAL POSEIDON’S BALL on Saturday, December 3rd 3-5:30 pmThank you to our sponsors below.  See you there!

Source: Poseidon’s Ball Photography Contest and Christmas MerBallet | Avilion Arts

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