Sunday, November 20th: Stories at the Park in Second Life | hollykaiart

Sunday, November 20th will see the next in the Stories at the Park series, jointly presented by Holly Kai Park and Seanchai Library – and I hope that you’ll pop along to the event, which starts at 15:00 SLT.

Stories at the Park coincides with the monthly Art at the Park exhibitions at Holly Kai Park. Each month, story writers and poets from Seanchai Library and beyond are invited to visit Holly Kai Park and view the 2D and 3D art on display, and then to write a short story (“drabble”) or a poem about any of the pieces of art which inspire them, with the following criteria applied:

Stories must be exactly 100 words in length

Poems can be UP TO 100 words, but no longer, and in any format (blank verse, iambic pentameter, haiku, sonnet, whatever appeals).

Submitted stories are then read in the live voice session for each Stories at the Park, which takes place at the Storyteller’s Garden, in the centre of the art display area. Authors can either read their own works, or if they prefer, have one of the Seanchai Library staff read them. Submitted stories are also published on the Holly Kai Park blog….

Source: Sunday, November 20th: Stories at the Park in Second Life | hollykaiart

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