A regular stopping off point for me as I make my way through Second Life is Sera Bellic’s Homestead region of Oyster Bay. Every few months Sera gives the region a make-over presenting something new for people to explore, and I’d been looking forward to making a return trip to see what was new since recently noting the region was closed to visitors –  a sure sign Sera was reinventing it.

Over the years, the region has seen a lot – scenes of destruction, tempest, beauty and mystery; there have been country houses and gardens; fun fairs and glimpses of the future; country walks – and even a look into both heaven and hell. I’ve covered much of the changing face of Oyster Bay in these pages, and was delighted to find that for its newest look, Sera has turned to the realms of whimsy and fantasy in order to present WeeVille to the world.

WeeVille, Oyster BayOn arrival, visitors might initially be fooled into thinking this is an art environment: sitting alongside the landing point is one of Mistero Hifeng’s sculptures, Bella 16. However, beyond it, over flagstones and flower-strewn waters shaded pink under a timeless sky rich in the colours of spring, sits a great stone wall into which, beckoning silently, is set a pair of wooden gates….

Source: The whimsy of WeeVille in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

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