Over the weekend of November 26th/27th, Caitlyn and I were delighted to receive an invitation from Shaman Nitely to visit Ashemi, a new homestead region he has designed together with Ime and Jay Poplin (Jayshamime). Having been enthralled by their work with Imesha back at the start of 2016 (see my article here), we were only to pleased to accept and hop across.

Ashemi is another slice of the modern orient set under an evening sky (although I recommend setting a night-time windlight to really capture the feel of the design). It carries within it shades of Imesha, but is an entirely separate and unique design. Visitors arrive towards the middle of the region, where sit three wooden platforms standing over the calm waters of a circular lake. All three form a set of artificial islands connecting two tongues of land extending towards one another from opposite sides of the lake’s edge

.Ashemi, Azure StarSurrounding this lake, and towering over it, is an impressive, neon-lit skyline of a great metropolis. Giant skyscrapers rise into the sky, faces lit from within or by the reflected light of their neighbours. Huge advertising signs hang from some, adding to the cacophony of colour, while gaps between them reveal more buildings further away, or contain older and smaller buildings, survivors of from some pre-skyscraper era…

Source: Ashemi: oriental neon in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

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