Lab deploys increased LI allowance to private regions in Second Life

Private estates now have the prim increase! Inara has more info.

Inara Pey: Living in a Modemworld

secondlifeUpdate:The Lab has now blogged on this – see: More Prims for Everyone!

On Tuesday, November 29th, the Lab ran a rolling restart across regions on the Main channel which saw the increased LI / prim allowances for private regions on that channel come into effect.

As I’ve previously reported, the prim increase started to appear with Mainland regions on Tuesday, November 1st with the change indicated in a blog post from the Lab. However, full details on the changes weren’t released until Thursday, November 3rd, with an interview with Patch Linden, Senior Director of Product Operations at Linden Lab, in this blog, and a Designing Worlds special held on the same day.

Following the Main channel restart on Tuesday, November 29th. private regions on that channel now have the following standard land capacity allowances:

  • Private full region: 20,000 LI
  • Private Homestead region: 5,000 LI
  • Private OpenSpace: 1,000 LI

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