Seanchai Library presents the ghosts of Christmas in Second Life

Inara covers this week at the Seanchai Library:

Inara Pey: Living in a Modemworld

The Dickens Project SL 2016The Dickens Project SL 2016

It’s time to kick-off another great week of storytelling live in voice with Seanchai Library – and this week it’s a special week, with the return of a seasonal favourite:  The Dickens Project SL. 

Now in its fifth season, and as I’ve previewed, the project this year is hosted by Kultivate Magazine at their Water Haven headquarters. Every day this coming week, members of the Library and their friends will offers twice daily readings of the story, generally a stave at a time, live in voice, in surroundings created specially to evoke the settings and feeling of Charles Dickens’ most popular story.  Supporting it will be a host of additional activities, with everything culminating on Sunday, December 18th with a marathon reading of the entire novel!

The Dickens Project SL is a unique festival and presentation by Seanchai Library, so take a note of…

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