I first encountered the art of Morlita Quan in June 2016, when I visited her exhibition Organic Geometry (read here). I was at once fascinated and captivated by her work, so it was with delight that I recently had the opportunity to visit her gallery space in-world, Abstract Line Art Gallery, located over the region of Dax.

A physical world artist hailing from Spain and working under the name MorlitaM, Morlita’s artistic expression covers 2D and 3D art and music, and all three are very much reflected in her Second Life presence, where she exhibits her 2D work, creates 3D art and also plays music, often at the opening events for other artists and galleries she knows.

Morlita Quan; Abstract Line Art Gallery“The pictures exhibited at Abstract Line, are some of my physical world pieces,” Morlita  says of her gallery space. “They mix classical painting with post graphic design work, focused on light and geometry. Everything is inspired by nature, and I try to show the beauty of nature’s shapes through a strong touch of geometry and always guided by feelings and an abstract touch.”

The result of this are images which form beautiful, geometric abstractions of line and shade, clearly driven by geometry and symmetry whilst all the time retaining an organic sweep and flow. Produced in black and white, or sometimes using soft colours, the pieces are at once alive and at times urgent in form, while also being calming and almost mesmerizing as we become caught in the patterns forming before us…..

Source: An Abstract Line in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

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