It stands like one might imagine Tolkien’s Minas Ithil might have looked before Gondor’s fading might failed it, and it fell into corruption as Minas Morgul. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, their flanks cold and hard, the old city of Vyhorm rises into the darkening sky, tier upon tier to a final crowning citadel.Designed by Stark Osterham (of Insilico fame), the city forms a part of a new role-play environment – Yhorm – he is designing and building with his Second Life partner, Cailin Beorn. Although not officially opening until around mid-January 2017, Caitlyn and I had the opportunity to tour the city and the region thanks to our resident Sim Detective, Shakespeare (SkinnyNilla), who passed on news about the region. Our visit also gave me the chance to chat with Cailin and Stark about Yhorm.

Yhorm, NeoShoda: the City of Vyhorm“You are certainly a nerd!” Stark joked when I raised the Minas Ithil comparison. “Yeah, I had some sources that helped with inspiration!”“It’s definitely Tolkien influenced,” Cailin added. “I’m a huge LOTR [Lord of the Rings] nerd! But this was originally a commission Stark took that fell through, and he’s such and incredible builder, I really went along with his creation.”“The original design was for a city so large it goes out as far as you can see – but on a single sim,” Stark continued. “I said I’d try, but given the space available, it seemed more natural to go up rather than out, and we went from there.”

The city, and the vast cavern-state of Nurem beneath it, are to be the setting for role-play which brings together an interesting mix of flavours. “It’s a dark medieval fantasy,” Cailin said, “But with steampunk elements – flintlocks, airships, and things – here and there. Roughly, it’s about the curse and corruption which has befallen the old city, the lives of the people living within it, and those who can be found in Nurem. We have a backstory available for those who would like to read more……”

Source: Yhorm: a stunning new role-play location in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

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