Dathúil Gallery, curated and operated by Max Butoh and Lυcy (LucyDiam0nd), has opened its 2017 season with a new exhibition which runs through until the end of the month. Aisling – subtitled Our Desire as Image – sees Max and Lucy extend an invitation to some of those who have previously exhibited at Dathúil to present one or two images apiece on the theme of aisling, being the Irish for vision or poem, and which might also be interpreted as “dream” or “apparition”.

The dozen artists invited to participate in the exhibition are Cicciuzzo Gausman (June 2016), Mr. and Mrs S (Saka Infinity and (Lauralar – August 2015), Daze Landar (DaisyDaze – August 2016), Yann Whoa (Lottomann, April 2015), Io Bechir – January 2016, Maloe Vansant (September 2015), Kate Bergdorf (April 2016), ElizabethNantes (July 2016), Joslyn Benson (Jolivea Tyran – March 2016), Mi (Kissmi – November 2016) and Ash (Ashratum – May 2015). Between them they present some interesting – and occasionally NSFW (!) takes on the theme.

This is a lot of outstanding talent to exhibit under one roof; perhaps too much. Speaking personally, for an event like this, I’d prefer to see a smaller number invited back and asked to display perhaps two or three images apiece. For me, this would allow for a broader appreciation of individual artist’s style and approach, while simultaneously allowing the visitor to more directly compare and contrast approaches and styles, helping to present a more rounded appreciation of the artists and their work…

Source: Dathúil: visions of desire in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

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