It was a fantastic experience developing, setting up, and processing all of the photos from my current gallery exhibit “Paraphilia” being held in the Dominion Art Gallery, at The Dominion Femdom.  Weekly for the time the exhibit is open I will be sharing bits and pieces and talking a little bit the exhibit and the process.Here is a censored version of “Animal Play” featuring what is commonly known as “Puppy Play”, you can see the uncensored version in its full glory at the exhibit, alongside 8 other fascinating fetishes.

♥All of the photos in the exhibit were taken in or just outside of the Mansion on The Dominion sim.  The lush atmosphere, and muted neutral tones with the stark black & white is something that really really appealing to me visually, and for this series, it was a very personal choice.For a lot of the pictures I used clothing or props that I had been hanging onto for a long time, just waiting for a reason to use them appear. The Addams bodysuit was an old Epiphany item, that finally got it’s day in the sun, and used from my inventory…

Source: Gallery preview – Puppy Play. | Fathom

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