Fujifilm has revealed release dates for a trio of new cameras in its classically inspired retro digital lineup, as well as new lenses and other accessories. The news today from Fujifilm includes pricing and availability for the GFX 50S, the new digital medium format camera with an entirely new lineup of GF system lenses; a new X-T20 compact interchangeable lens camera; and the X100F, the latest in the X100 series of cameras that feature a rangefinder body design and fixed focal length lens.

These all look like great cameras, with the X100F probably holding the most appeal for the average camera buyer. The X100 cameras have been stalwart travel and street photography devices, with a 35mm equivalent F/2.0 lens, and this new generation gets a bunch of new features including improved AF with more autofocus points across the sensor, as well as better boot-up time and time between shutter activations. It inherits a lot from its more professional equivalent, the interchangeable lens X-Pro 2, including a built-in ISO dial that’s integrated into the Shutter Speed Dial for more manual control…

Source: Fujifilm debuts its GFX 50S digital medium format camera, the X100F and more | TechCrunch

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