Today’s Windlight Art Gallery Fellows spotlights are on Catalina Staheli & Keegan Kavanagh:

Catalina Staheli:


Catalina Staheli has been a Second Life Resident since May 18, 2007, and an avid photographer for the past several years. Always pushing herself to learn and grow, she’s enjoyed every second of her journey as a budding photographer and it has paved the way for her interests in modeling and designing, though photography remains her happiest joy.

Catalina is the designer behind the brand [ Aleutia ], an explorer of role play sims when there’s time, and a long time supporter of Relay For Life. In her first life, Cata can be found living above the Arctic Circle in remote northern Alaska, where she works as a Special Education teacher in a native Iñupiat village. She is also pursuing her PhD in Curriculum & Instruction.


Keegan Kavanagh:


I’ve been in SecondLife since 2009. I’ve tried everything from DJing, modeling, video & media rentals and tech support and club owning. I tinkered with photography on and off throughout the years.

It wasn’t until I began making my own poses, that I really threw myself into the art. I found myself quickly becoming addicted to my work and I fell in love with it. I find myself telling stories through my poses and photography and I’m excited to be able to share some of that with you.


I make many of the poses for my pictures. Please see a link below to my marketplace listings as well as my Flickr.

Thank you!


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