Bouguereau Sculpture Series by Silas Merlin

Great review of the Bourguereau Sculpture Series by Silas Merlin

Million Happy Endings

Love's Resistance (4) Love’s Resistance (4)

This series of sculptures by Silas Merlin is adapted from paintings by 19th century artist William-Adolphe Bouguereau.  The sculpture shown above was adapted from Young Girl Defending Herself Against Cupid.

Cupid With Butterfly (1) Cupid With Butterfly (1)

The sculptures are beautifully detailed. Shown above, adapted from L’Amour A L’Epine.

The Abduction of Psyche (8) The Abduction of Psyche (7)

The Bouguereau Gacha is available at The Chapter Four until February 28th.  Shown above, from Le ravissement de Psyche.

Cupid and Psyche (2) Cupid and Psyche (2)

These sculptures are rezzed at Sojourner’s Grove and the parcel on each side through Thursday the 9th.

Elegy (3) Elegy (3)

I had forgotten much of the myth of Psyche. Two friends who enjoyed looking at these sculptures with me treated us to a spontaneous, hilarious valleyspeak version of it.

Cupid (5) Cupid (5)

I can only wonder at the time and care that went into creating these.

Love Takes Off (6) Love Takes Off (6)

The sculpture shown above was…

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