In Lust We Trust is the title of an exhibition of 15 images by Angi Manners (Anj4) which opened on Saturday, February 4th at DiXmiX Gallery, curated by Dixmix Source.A creator of avatar skins and co-owner of the Polar Bear brand of erotic poses designs for photographers, Angi regards photography as her passion. For In Lust We Trust – and as the title might imply – she presents a series of erotically charged pictures, together with three or four which veer more towards the sensual end of the scale than the erotic, but all of which might be considered NSFW.DiXmiX Gallery: Angi Manners

There is no doubting the artistry involved in all of the images: the composition, framing, lighting, posing, is all exquisite; yet I initially found myself drawn more towards those I regarded as being more sensual than outright erotic – such as Let Me Think About It, The Body Applier (both of which are seen at the top of this article), That’s Not So Funny (directly above) and Pole Dancing.It’s a reaction I found interesting: I consider myself broad-minded; in both the physical world and in Second Life I’ve been involved in many “adult” activities, yet I’ve always regarded sexual engagement between two people as a deeply personal thing, and can suffer so degree of inner discomfiture when seeing sexual acts openly performed / displayed….

Source: Angi Manners at DixMix Gallery in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

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