Kultivate Spring 17 Fashion Event Rose Hunt Hints!


Scattered throughout the Kultivate 2017 Spring Fashion event are roses that contain hunt prizes! Can you find them all? All items are 1 linden!

STARTING LOCATION: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Water%20Haven/63/131/2802

Participating Merchants & Hints:

**We also have 25 roses scattered throughout that contain prizes, see if you can find those as you look for the roses in our merchant’s stores below**

Miss Darcy – Hint: Look behind my pinafore!

Cosmo Boutique – Hint: I didn’t know roses grew in the Spring’, he said archly

Giulia Design – Hint: GREAT FRIEND OF WOMEN ——-: p

Cniffon- Hint: one rose is on the doorstep and another rests on a faceted shape

FlowerDreams-Hint: I love the smell of roses

Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions-Hint: Between a King and a Queen

The Bohemian Underground-Hint: By the snowy path

Pekas Gorean & Urban Designs-Hint: Don’t forget to take our landmark

White Room Coutre- Hint: behind the candle filled birdcage

Feyline Fashion-Hint: A rose is at home here.

Mahlberg Tailors-Hint: You walk through me

You can view some of the hunt prizes below:

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