A special Valentine from Calas to you:) Tuesday, February 14! | Calas Galadhon Park









Looking for a place to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Second Life? If so try Calas Galadhon:

Tuesday Calas Galadhon will be all dressed up for Valentine’s Day – hearts and flowers everywhere on the main sim and lots of romantic opportunities:) And, in the evening Calas is proud and honored to present a special Valentine’s Day Event: The music of one of SL’s very best performers and a man dear to our hearts at Calas Galadhon – Mr HammerFLA Magic!

As many of you know, Hammer is working hard to recover and return to SL and singing. but it will take a little longer. Meanwhile we all miss him so much that Calas has been working with Hammer to prepared a playlist of his music for us all to enjoy again. The “Hammer Stream” will start at 6pm SLT in the OZ Nighclub. Hammer will be listening in, and will deliver a special message for everyone! Slip into your formal/semi-formal attire and join us at OZ Night Club or (if it’s a bit crowded) at Calas Galadhon which will be streaming Hammer’s music also:)

Here’s your ride to OZ and Calas Galadhon.

Source: A special Valentine from Calas to you:) Tuesday, February 14! | Calas Galadhon Park

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