Photofocus | Photoshop Tip: Save Time in Photoshop with the Image Processor Script

A quick way to resize several photos for a project is with Photoshop’s Image Processor script. It works very well when you need to convert several JPEG files to PSD or TIFF. It can also be used to process multiple Camera Raw files with the same setting. The greatest benefit is the ability to quickly size photos as part of the command.

Choose > File > Scripts > Image Processor.

Choose the images you want to process. You can use open images or navigate to a folder to select specific images.

Select a location to save the processed files. Click the radio button next to Select Folder, and then click the Select Folder button. Click the New Folder button and create a new folder on your media drive called Processed. Highlight the folder and click Choose.

Select the file types and options you want to convert to:

Save as JPEG. Sets the JPEG quality between 0 and 12. You can also resize the image and convert it to the sRGB color profile.

Save as PSD. Sets the PSD options. You can also resize the image and select Maximize Compatibility.

Save as TIFF. Saves images in TIFF format with LZW compression. You can also resize the image.Select the Resize to Fit option to resize to a specific target.

You can choose other processing options as well. This includes running an action (a Photoshop macro), adding copyright data, or changing the color profile.

Click Run. Photoshop processes the images to the specified folder.

If you want to save the settings for future reuse, it’s easy. Just click Save to store the current settings in the Image Processor dialog. These settings can be reloaded for a later job if needed.

Source: Photofocus | Photoshop Tip: Save Time in Photoshop with the Image Processor Script

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