I was surprised to note that it’s been getting towards three years since I last visited NorderNey, Jacky Macpherson’s homestead design (see here for more). A lot has happened since then, not the least of which is Jacky has moved, so that the region now has a sim of its own bearing the same name, although visitors will need Payment Information On File in order to access it.

Back in 2014, NorderNey was decidedly a rural scene, rich in the feel and colours of late summer. Now, while still bathed in warmth and sunlight, NorderNey is now far more tropical in look and feel; a sandy island over which seagulls wheel soar while sailing boats lie anchored offshore.

it can be a windy place – as some of the trees, their trunks bent and branches set like streamers, can attest – but you’ll likely find conditions calm during your visit.  And just as the waters of the sea surround it, so does the coral white sand lap around islands of grass and trees, where can be found three cabins.

Two of these, at opposite ends of the island, are flat-topped and as white as the sand. The third sits between them, far enough from each to be a comfortable walk. Its sloped roof is made of corrugated iron sheets while the brown of its unpainted walls contrasts with the white finish of the others. If you’re using Firestorm when you visit, you’ll find that all three have a local parcel windlight, which sets the sun on the horizon, casting an end-of-day glow across the sea….

Source: A return to NorderNey in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

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