Mystical Fae Forest, occupying the Homestead region of Elvenshire, is precisely what the name implies: a mystical realm caught in time and wrapped in the soft light of a winter’s eve. It’s a place those who love things fae and whimsical should appreciate; a place where magic floats in the air and a surprise awaits at very turn.Designed by Zuma Fae Dust (Zuma Jupiter), the region’s timelessness is immediately felt on entering. The predominant shade is white, as if the trees are frosted and the ground covered in snow. But among the white flowers lay flashes, pools and sprinkles of colour, while fireflies drift on the air and tiny lights sparkle from branches. Beside the landing point, giant roses sit, their petals glowing a soft, translucent pink as if spun from glass, their stems links of silver chain.

ForestPaths wind through the flowers, leading away from the arched circle of the landing point. It matters not which you take and the wind between the tress and frequently fork. All of them will lead you somewhere, and often to the quite unexpected, while birds sing from branches overhead.From the name of the region, you might expect the locals to be faerie folk, or perhaps have a touch of the elvish or hobbit about them. While the folk might definitely be on the small side, they are most certainly not hobbits; nor are they elves or fae folk. Rather, most are a mix of rabbits, raccoons, teddy bears and others, all going about their business or at play in the hazy light….

Source: A Mystical Fae Forest in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

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