Photoshop is a sort of neverending story: just when you think you know all its features and tricks, you discover something new. This great video highlights ten such features you might not be aware of. Even if you’ve proficient with Photoshop, chances are there’s a more efficient or effective way to do some things that you might not have heard of. For example, I only learned about calculations in the last few years and have found them especially useful for dealing with complex selections of hair (my eternal nemesis). Further features like color decontaminate and rotating the clone stamp tool can simply make it easier to take full control of your work to achieve cleaner results in less time. For me personally, learning to use color LUTs has saved me a ton of time in my landscape work and has also increased the consistency between my images, an important aspect of developing a recognizable personal style. My favorite trick, though, was the hidden sharpening view, which makes it very easy to quickly see just how much sharpening you’re applying and to take more granular control of the process…

Source: Ten Photoshop Tricks You Might Not Know | Fstoppers

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