PeTOu is a place that is bound to draw me for a number of reasons. The first is the strong Oriental influence exhibited across this Full region. The second is the way the region uses Linden water throughout to naturally add ambience and harmony to the environment. And the third reason is that is another design by the immensely talented Uta (xoYUUTAox), who was responsible for bringing an ethereal beauty in one of the iterations of a favourite old haunt, Roche (which you can read about here).

With PeTOu, Uta has worked with her partner, Nagi Alekseev, to recreate some of the ethereal wonder present in her design for Roche, expanding it to encompass much more, rooting it in a much broader, but no less enchanting, environment. There are also a number of secrets to be unlocked and enjoyed for those willing to take the time.

PeTOuA visit commences on the west side of the region at a landing point where – if you’re not careful – it is easy to miss a set of teleport boards. However, rather than taking any of them right away, I do recommend you start by letting your pedal extremities do the work and explore the region on foot. There are two obvious routes away from the landing point. The first is a calf-deep ribbon of water winding through a rich expanse of rapeseed and under the boughs of cherry blossoms; the second is a sort wade across the water to where the rapeseed climbs up over rocks and grass, and old stone steps offer the way to a footpath.

Whichever you take, you’re going to want to take your time – there is a lot to discover under the canopy of blossoms. The footpath for example, will take you up to a little traditional Japanese house sitting on a hill, a little garden to one side, complete with ponds presided over by a stately egret. A cobbled path offers a route around the garden, while on the other side of the house, a rocky path sweeps down to the water once more….

Source: PeTOu’s perfection in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

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