It’s come a long way since those days, and it has made that journey in no small part because our team here at Photofocus (particularly Rich) have decided to chip in and work with the software developers to make it even better.The combined efforts of the Athentech team and the Photofocus team have yielded a program by photographers FOR photographers. It’s slicker, more powerful, and faster. In my opinion, it is better in every way.

The new Face-Aware Exposure helps with automatic exposure fixes.If you get a chance to look at the new version the first thing you will notice is a new user interface. It’s preset driven but can be infinitely customized. It is friendly, faster and easier to use than ever and is no longer as portrait-centric as it once was.

While most people came to Perfectly Clear because of its ability to quickly and easily retouch portraiture (a capability that it still retains and which is actually better than ever) the software now more easily works on landscape and other types of pictures too.

In the past one of Perfectly Clear’s shortcomings was that it was of little help on overexposed images. IMAGE AMBULANCE can help fix those Photo © Levi SimOne of my favorite new features is IMAGE AMBULANCE. In the past one of Perfectly Clear’s shortcomings was that it was of little himages that need simple adjustments in this area.

The Sky and Foliage Enhancers do exactly what you think they would do, and they help make version 3.0 much more robust for outdoor photographers. COLOR RESTORATION & COLOR VIBRANCY are two tools ALL photographers will want to use to help bring out the brightest hues in an image.There are even more controls for color and tone in version 3.

I have always relied on the automatic exposure correction in Perfectly Clear and been happy with the results, but v.3 takes things up a notch by improving the auto-exposure calculations with special features that allow the product to be “face aware” and to dial up or down the correction according to taste.ConclusionPerfectly Clear version 3.0 is very easy to learn and use. But you can buy it now with free training which will turn you into a power user within minutes. It represents a great deal of hard work performed by many dedicated people. I know this first hand because our team at Photofocus played such a large role in bringing the product to market. They stand behind their product and offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

There is special pricing available now. For $119 you get:

Perfectly Clear Complete V3

Hands-On Video Training

Pro’s Toolbox Preset Pack for v3

Digital Film LOOKs for v3

Creative LOOKs by Photofocus for v3

Purchase Perfectly Clear V 3.0 Here

Source: Photofocus | Perfectly Clear Complete Version 3.0 – A Quick Look

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