Wandering in the Underworld

Elysion 4-17_014

One of my favorite sims to visit in Second Life is Elysion. This gorgeous Adult-rated sim is owned, managed and seasonally redecorated by Syn Baresford, who has a beautifully artistic attention to detail and romantic atmosphere. Note that Romantic doesn’t always mean bright flowers and sunny meadows. It can also be a little dark and melancholy, as the current theme seems to demonstrate. As I walked though her latest remodel, I at first noticed that many of the old venues have a more decayed look, as of the passage of years. There are spring flowers blooming, fireflies and bees buzzing about though, so it has the air of renewal after a period of great change and loss. I was also reminded of The Shannara Chronicles TV series, in which a post-apocalyptic world is infused with fantasy elements such as elves, dwarves and magic.

Elysion 4-17_009

The lighthouse is probably the most iconic feature at Elysion, so I had to…

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