Learning: Photoshop Basics

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As i mentioned in a previous post i decided to do something with all my spare time and take a photoshop mini course (mini because is only like to weeks so i’ve learned just a few basic tools). In this post i’ll be talking about selection,cloning(using the clone stamp) and how to make a photomontage (or at least attempt it, bear with me please).

Selection: when working with photoshop sometimes you want to modify a part of the image you’re working on, so far i learned you can use the selection tools for coping just  a part of the photo or altering just that specific part. For doing this you have two tools: lasso tool and quick selection tool.

The lasso tool can be use in freehand, polygonal lasso and the magnetic lasso.

  • in plain lasso tool you contour the part you want to select freehand
  • polygonal lasso tool uses…

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