Million Happy Endings

There is still time to visit the summer exhibit at Wanderlust in Quentin. The above photo, snapped in the birdhouse, shows 2D work by the avatar who started it all, Mr Kaplan, (Quinn Leilani).

The biggest creative changes to Wanderlust were prompted by “the neighbors”. In SL, as in RL, adaptation is important. WANDERLUST Cafe owner Saul Goodie did an awesome renovation of the parcel while keeping the vibe and spirit of the art collective and destination space. There remains outdoor seating plus a quiet indoor cafe area with more space on the roof top.

The rooftop currently holds several works by Elle Thorkveld.

A nearby building exhibits both 2D and 3D works by four avatars. Shown above are pieces by Klaus in the foreground and art by Giselle Seeker on the wall.

The second level houses Art by Saul.

Outside this building is a Victorian Crossing Signal from Ying…

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