Pockets of Light at Wanderlust Cafe Exhibiting Now Through October

Million Happy Endings

Pockets of Light, ten photographs and ten poems are on display at Wanderlust Cafe in Quentin now through October. Most are on the ground level with the outdoor cafe seating; several are on the rooftop of the cafe accessed by outside stairs.

The project began in the spring of this year, the photos done first, of images taken in Second Life during moments of reflection on peace and sustainability for a just future in the real world.

The beautiful, thoughtful poems, one for each photograph were written during the summer.


This surface this lattice of molecules
Will not betray you
This matter cannot go back on its word
This is the truth that doesn’t need defending
A geometry not up for discussion
And the mundane manipulation
Of things in space
Taking cutlery from the drawer
Or hanging a picture in place
These cannot be faked
Against such, even…

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