Million Happy Endings

Continuing over the bridge, where I stopped in Lill Burn Valley on Route 10 in Jeogeot, which I posted about here, I noticed the striping on the paving changed to indicate where it is, and is not, safe to pass as the road goes through rolling hills.

The photo above was taken in Katipo.

The next sims are, very briefly, Wetas, then Craggen Maw for a longer stretch of road, Busby and then Brouwer where photos number 2, 3 and 4 were taken.

This bridge is by Mighty Mole of Linden Department of Public Works. The steps lead to a border of banlined land and land that was abandoned a month ago. These photos were taken September 19, 2017.

Above, also in Brouwer, shows guard rails by the side of the road going briefly into Moa. Then the terrain is flatter through Mouse Point, which is very sparsely…

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