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The latest episode of Designing Worlds – with a spooky tale in a very spooky location (Octoberville!) – is now on the web!

We start by talking to Cherub Spectre and Master Kaos, the owners of Octoberville, who tell us all about the wonderfully spooky – and hugely popular – region they create for one month every year to celebrate Halloween. We explore Octoberville and learn something of its history – with roots in the real world, as well as its developments in Second Life. And we find out all about the amazing community that has grown up around it.

There’s still time to visit as Octoberville will be open till 5th November!

Octoberville, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont Octoberville, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont

In the second Part of the show, we have a spooky tale for Halloween (filmed largely in Octoberville). It’s the famous story by Washington Irving – The Legend of…

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