Million Happy Endings

This is an account of a sailing challenge I accepted a few weeks ago, departing the Wheedle Gallery in Port Langdale, with the destination being the Wheedle Gallery in Calleta. The journey was made in two separate trips. I prepared by getting my camera out and finding a good map reader and boat navigator to laugh with.

The boat chosen was a [TUFF] Old Rustic Brown Sailboat v 1.1. The challenge was published in the October edition of the Greater Coniston Courier and is also copy/pasted at the end of this post.

We sailed past shipwrecks, a volcano. the Linden Village in Pooley, into Maryport where we stopped for donuts and coffee and then through a narrow channel.

Sailing from Sansara to The Atoll, we were fortunate to make a couple of stops where we have rez rights. We kept lookout for public rez zones such as this one…

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