Million Happy Endings

Having finished a series of posts focused on the virtual infrastructure of Route 10 in Jeogeot about a month ago, I am resuming on Route 2 in Epione on Heterocera.

I am beginning where Route 2 meets Mock Heather Road. These photos were taken about a month ago so I am checking the route again to make sure that no huge craters or other disasters have happened to make the area unrecognizable.

Moving from Epione to Siona, I discover that the wonderful land that was for sale last month has been sold but there is a security orb.

That is wonderful Drongolia shown in the background.

The bridge looks like this on the road.

Entering Gnoma, I couldn’t help but notice the terrible proliferation of sage grass and disrepair.

I walked through Ridens, Viciae, Albulata and Brithys. The road had fewer sage bushes in some stretches.

I called in map-reading…

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