Inara Pey: Living in a Modemworld

Aspen Fell; Inara Pey, November 2017, on FlickrAspen Fell – click any image for full size

It’s been two years since my last visit to Aspen Fell, so when Shakespeare suggested Caitlyn and I head back and take a look and the region in its new home, I thought he had the right idea.

The region presents a setting caught between autumn’s last breath and the cold winds of winter. It is a rocky place, the majority of the region given over to a high-walled rocky U running north to south,  surrounded by cold looking waters and offshore peaks, the entire setting struck in muted browns, whites and greens by the lowering Sun (I’ll be honest, I pushed the Sun a little higher into the sky to gain a little more natural contrast).

Aspen Fell; Inara Pey, November 2017, on FlickrAspen Fell

The landing point sits on the south side of the region, at the base of the U. Facing visitors on their…

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