Inara Pey: Living in a Modemworld

The Argument: Liquid, Sommer, Tim Timaru, Anke Zamani and Mistero Hifeng

Opening on Tuesday, November 28th 2017 is The Argument, a collaborative exhibition featuring eighteen artists, taking place at Serena Imagine Arts Centre (the exhibition space is south of the landing point across the water).

“It is the second competition I have run,” the centre’s curator, Vita Theas, informed me. “Its a way for me to give a little prize to the artists, to thank them for letting me share their art with visitors here. The theme is about how many unjust things are in the world today, and how many feelings of hostility are festering among our global neighbours.”

The Argument: Nino Vichan

The eighteen participating artists are Aldiladeisogni, Aniwitt, Birdguru, Dilligaf, Lilarya, Maura77, o0Crystal0o, Lin Carlucci, Mistero Hifeng,  Scotsgraymouser Janus, Daco Monday, Blip Mumfizz, Liquid Sommer, Theda Tammas, Otekah Timaru, Tim Timaru, Nino Vichan, and…

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