Million Happy Endings

The latest two month exhibit at Wanderlust Art Park will be ending around the time of the New Year. This year it hasn’t snowed in Quentin but there are some Christmas decorations around as of a few days ago.

From left to right above, art by Veyot, SAULGOODIE, Lynette Trinity, Elle Thorkveld and baker Bloch.

This experiment is over a year and a half in. It’s been interesting; I don’t consider myself a “curator”; mostly I do the communication and documenting. There aren’t themes but somehow things seem coherent, at least in my eyes.

Shown above is a real life photography by Adrianna Biziou, sculpture by Silas Merlin and a piece by Art Oluja.

There are times in any project when things seem to be kind of tedious or unclear but I like to make sure I’m not quitting too soon. To spice things up this year I, and my…

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