Inara Pey: Living in a Modemworld

La Vie; Inara Pey, October 2017, on FlickrLa Vie, October 2017 – blog post

Each week through the year, I try to get to as many in-world and other meetings held by the Lab to keep an eye on technical developments and updates which are in the works for the viewer and the simulator, relaying the notable items via my SL project updates. As such, I thought it might be interesting to look back at some of the technical changes and updates have come our way in 2017.

Visible Projects

The year started with everyone still getting their heads around 2016’s Project Bento, which reached release status at the end of that year, bringing with it a much extended avatar skeleton with masses of new bones allowing a range of new animations and opportunities for more diverse avatar looks that used bone animations rather than resource-heavy options such as alpha flipping and so on.

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