Inara Pey: Living in a Modemworld

TerpsiCorps gallery: Luly Boop (Lulyboop)

Currently on display at the TerpsiCorps ARTWerks gallery is an ensemble exhibition featuring the art of Luly Boop (Lulyboop), Bamboo Barnes, Isadora Alaya (Otcoc), Sabbian Paine and Myra Wildmist. Located in the former Dionysus Workshop Pavilion area, which has been converted into five individual exhibition spaces very much in keeping with the rest of the TerpsiCorps environment.

“My biggest passion in Second Life is photography,” Luly states of her work. “For the last two years, the photography has allowed me to communicate my thoughts, my emotions, to tell histories. SL gives me the ideal setting to do all this.” This is certainly true of the pieces she offers here. Self studies, each has its own story to tell, with three in particular depicting Luly’s relationship with her art.

TerpsiCorps gallery: Luly Boop (Lulyboop)

“In the last year Photoshop has allowed me to expand…

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