Prim Perfect

The latest episode of Designing Worlds, as we become involved in solving a Murder in the Muirsheen Durkin (a special episode set in New Babbage) is now on the web!

And, usually, it’s available in two formats – colour and monochrome.

DW357 – Murder at the Muirsheen Durkin from Richard Elen on Vimeo.

We showed both to our initial audience back at the beginning of the year – and they were generally in favour of the special black and white edition … but there were some people who voted for the rich colour.

What do you think? Take a look – and share your views below the line!


The Muisheen Durkin is, of course, the restuarant/bar in Brunel Hall, the large hotel thatis part of the business empire of Mr Victor Mornington, the Assistant Maceholder of New Babbage. So when his temporary Christmas barman, Mr Biggins, discovers…

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