Million Happy Endings

This parcel in Hookton, on Sansara, was claimed just a little over four months ago; the art and lounge spaces have often been in vibrant change, always worthy of visiting, never being too much under construction.

The land has gone through several name changes too. First binary, then post binary, and maybe some others before the current “dream; everything is art“.

The studio, gallery and mainland lounge are owned by serra Qendra. Currently at the landing there is a group joiner for machinima screenings planned for next month: “Cinema “Sunday Screenings” from 18 Feb >>> 8-10 PM
(8:15 start) playing machinima about sl… “.

Also available is an info notecard on Concrete Poem # 1 Dragons Tears:

“My ‘concrete poems’ are surrealistic assemblages of found objects

(No.1) Dragons Tears: is about the act of crying

The viewer is invited to sit in the middle of the sculpture…to ‘complete…

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