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show #167.jpg show #167

it has been a while since draxtor was on the vrchat podcast “gunter’s universe” and so another visit was quite overdue: strawberry singh and drax ventured into the world of vrchat which reportedly is exclusively populated by horny high-schoolers and mysogynystic middle-schoolers and perhaps a few high profile twitch streamers mingling, for good measure, translating the free-for-all-madness-reminiscent of second life ca 2005 to a huge audience.

strawberry and i were quite surprised though as we found some thoughtful and helpful folks as well and an old time second lifer to boot.

enjoy the show:

here is the uncut original stream this show is based on:

  • some [low rez] snapshots from the vid:

the first drax foray into vrchat was a while back:

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 3.41.44 PM.pngguests today:

  • strawberry singh:
  • theanine, our friend from sansar:

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