Million Happy Endings

Coniston Castle

Castles are among the wonders of Second Life. You can still see them on the mainland, although many are private. Some of them are the abodes of vampire clans.

Coniston Castle

I have a friend who rezzes a small castle somewhere on the grid, at least once a year and almost always makes it available for visitors. Of the numerous builds I have stashed in inventory, I don’t believe I own a castle, except perhaps a freebie.

Coniston Castle

The castles in this post are currently at Greater Coniston. Two of them are on the ground, the rest in the sky. Three of them can be rented; two are currently available. I got the landmarks from a notecard sent by Chin Rey to local residents, titled Greater Coniston Castle Tour.

Greater Coniston is in the northern part of Sansara. I’m pleased to have a small art gallery on…

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