the drax files radio hour

show #168.png show #168

the first sansar edition of the podcast [bi-weekly live stream on fridays] is featuring shyla the super gecko: disability and lgbtq activist, poet and former storm chaser, she is a wise gecko who made the trip to vr just for this show and no it was NOT easy because inclusion is not there yet…

enjoy the show:

our guest:

  • shyla’s poems are in the current issue of rez magazine:

shyla on the cover of rez magazine.png shyla on the cover of rez magazine

  • you can meet shyla in second life at ethnographia here & her santa monica accessibility park is here. she also recommends checking in with virtual ability.

TDF 4x ODS Shyla group.png shyla at ethnographia meeting

  • the current teaser for “our digital selves” featuring the gecko in many forms:

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