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Once again I picked the destination for my simploring tour on February 19th from scoop.it SL Destinations. I decided to make a short trip to Italy and visited La Perla, a nice and cosy old city inspired by the real city of Tropea, Italy.
“Tropea is a municipality located within the province of Vibo Valentia, in Calabria (southern Italy). The town is a famous bathing place, situated on a reef, in the gulf of St. Euphemia connected with the mainland by a narrow strip. It has about 6,500 inhabitants.” (source Wikipedia)

Pictures of Tropea in Italy

La Perla is owned by Addy Hax Hax (Addy Hax). From his profile I took this text about La Perla:
We are very proud to present you a beautiful italian village with its own unique mediterranean style. The idea was to present something special to the residents of Sl, based…

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