Inara Pey: Living in a Modemworld

Courtesy of Linden Lab

A critique oft levelled at Sansar is there while it looks very nice, there is little to actually do. To a degree, given the state of the platform’s interactive capabilities, this is true; compared to Second Life, Sansar is still very limited in terms of providing people with things to do – but this is gradually changing (see my Product Meeting report for Wednesday, February 28th for more on plans to increase interactive capabilities in Sansar).

However, one of the things that Sansar is already enjoying is a strong and growing range of social activities which are open to anyone wishing to participate. So, if you are curious about Sansar, and want to learn more about it, trying the platform’s social calendar can be a good place to start. These are displayed in both the Web and Client versions of the Atlas.

To help get you…

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