High Fidelity is a social virtual reality world founded in 2013 by the founder and former CEO of Second Life, Philip Rosedale. High Fidelity provides a social virtual reality platform for users to create and deploy virtual worlds, and explore and interact together in them. The software is free and open source, and it supports VR gear such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. You can also enjoy it using just a regular desktop like I do.

On April 27th, 2016, High Fidelity entered open beta. I have been in High Fidelity a few times already and although I had a pretty hard time figuring out all the controls for the desktop, it’s still pretty interesting to explore. I haven’t done a video showing how to sign up, download and explore, but Draxtor and others will be giving me a bit of a tour and perhaps show me how to use it a bit better since I’m still pretty lost in it. He may also be doing a podcast about it, if he does, I’ll link to it from here. For now you can watch my stream of the High Fidelity tour on Friday, March 9th at 8am PST:


Source: Introduction to High Fidelity Inc – Social Virtual Reality World – StrawberrySingh.com

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