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Sunday afternoon, March 18th, I went simploring again. I picked “Sun City” from the scoop.it SL Destinations. The featured picture looked nice, sunny and warm. Just the right place to be, as we experience winter days again in the physical world (mid of March!).

Sun City – overview

The landmark’s description is short but fits quite well “A sleepy city on Sunshine Island – not RP – bergson bowling alley / wedding chapel / explore / photography 60 min rez”. Sun City is group owned, the group was founded by Lily Dough (lilydough). In the group description I found a reference to Maybe Jones (May Tremont) for anything Sunshine Island related. As all buildings and objects I checked are owned by Maybe, I suspect that he or she is the creator of Sun City. Maybe Jones also owns a store for bdsm gear and furniture named…

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