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Two weeks ago, on 16 March, Secondlife Author Huckleberry Hax published his 5 detective novels combined into one, 740 page book.
This publication marked the closure of his series and of course this was celebrated with a launchparty in Huck’s Stoshchuckles Bar in the Nancy Redgrave Building.

Huck's Book Launch Party

Huck asked me to help him organising this event, just like we did in december for the launch of the 5th and last AFK novel – AFK, awaiting. The event was great, a lot of fun and dancing and it was lovely to see so many of Huck’s friends and fans coming together to party and listen to Huck reading one of the chapters from his book.

@ Huck's Book Launch Party

I’ve read all five novels the past years and though I am sad this series has come to an end, it is understandable one has to move on at some point.
Because I have read all…

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