Million Happy Endings

It began as a spontaneous whim on a 512 plot in Quentin, to have a space for a few avatars to show their current works since Wanderlust Project at the motel at Lollygaggers was closing. The land was claimed April 17 and the proposal for me to take care of the art space came soon after via IM. At that time I was way more likely to answer yes to suggestions than I am today.

Poppy art is in Quinn’s birdhouse, mostly digital art by Klaus Bereznyak plus a few pieces from his collection. (The portrait shaped hollyhocks picture in the center above is by me.)

In the loft space above are more poppy pictures from his collection, from left to right a photo by me, photo by Klaus and an acrylic on canvas pieces by Sisi Biedermann.

Two years ago there was a red lighthouse nearby, then none; now…

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