the drax files radio hour

show #177.png show #177

a legendary game designer has visited the sansar basement. richard a. bartle and drax spent an hour [much too short!] debating text vs. graphical interfaces, history vs. future and drax learned that this master of text actually enjoyed the ready player one movie version…

take a listen:

and now explore more:

  • richard’s book is still available and it is an important tomb to own in the physical realm….

read more books the drax library has it all….

  • …or in the basement where sansardrax is scratching his head!

draxtor reads.png drax reads in both worlds…

  • the original stream conversation:
  • richard’s taxonomy of players [there is one type missing = the draxtorius!] in animated form for generation z:
  • when richard was a n00b in sl:
  • very interesting = human rights and games?
  • what is happening with “our digital selves” you ask? well it is coming may 18th but a week before it drops at paramount…

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