the drax files radio hour

show #178.png show #178

and we are posting late this week [drax’ anniversary cut into the normal workflow!] but this is a good one = townhall with linden lab ceo ebbe altberg. audio is from the 9:30am 4/20 appearance. 


more stuff:

  • full video of all the event including the 1pm event:
  • the forum thread with all the resident questions where a bunch of other lindens also jumped in to answer questions
  • sl15b infographic = always interesting!


  • full house in region 1 at the townhall:

full house at town hall full house and speech bubbles

  • in sl >>>> fantasy faire is happening: maybe we should visit?

  • in the other world >>>>> hoverderby is happening!
  • atlas hopping also in that other world…

the drax files radio hour [with jo yardley] is a weekly production…

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