Inara Pey: Living in a Modemworld

Paris Metro Gallery: Cica Ghost

Cica Ghost is widely known for her 3D art installations – which I always find a joy to blog about. Within many of her installations visitors will often find little two-dimensional stick figures, often animated. While perhaps less well-known to many more recent appreciators  of art in Second Life, is that these two-dimensional pieces are very much a part of Cica’s Art, and have formed central parts of past exhibitions she has displayed in-world.

A reminder of this can currently be found at the Paris Metro Art Gallery, which is hosting a modest but charming exhibition of Cica’s work, 2D and 3D. On display are five of Cica’s 2D art elements, four of them her wonderful stick figure characters: three framed, and the fourth to be seen riding his bicycle along one wall, appearing and disappearing at either end of the barn-like…

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